With the increasing infiltration of information technology (IT) in people¡¯s daily work and life, how to cultivate and improve students¡¯ understanding and thinking of information tech-nology, has become one of the major problems for the current primary and middle schools in China.

From May 31 to June 3 this year, Renmin University of China and Google, one of the world¡¯s top IT companies, jointly hosted the second training workshop on the Integration and Application of the Information Technology and the Education. The goal of the workshop is to provide help and support to the primary/middle/high schools to integrate IT tools and platform into the teaching and learning. The training contents include the introduction of education informatization trends and platforms for primary and middle schools, how to design and develop multimedia courseware, distance teaching and service system, using Google search to find useful information, motivating student¡¯s interest in Computer Science, etc, as well as experiences from the United States on the teaching of information technology in the primary and middle schools. Finall, about 40 teachers participated in this training workshop.

This is the second time that Google introduce the CS4HS program into China, which has been successfully conducted by Google globally. With the success of the second workshop, Renmin University of China and Google are in the progress of planning the third one in coming Fall.

Renmin University of China - CS4HS Summer Workshop 2013
May 31, 2013 - June 3, 2013